Celebrate The Season For Romance with the Third Season of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War and the Highly Anticipated New Series SPYxFAMILY!! MUSE Communication Aims to Present Quality Anime to Captivate Anime Fans With Exciting Titles This April!!!




Formidable Original Manga Series with record high sales + Anime Production by Renowned Studios = Recipe For Success

Proceeding a whopping publication of 12.5 million manga copies, SPY×FAMILY is set to have an anime series this season! SPY×FAMILY is a   comedy that follows a made up family that was put together to execute a mission, with its members concealing their true identity from one another. This pretend family comprises of the main protagonist Loid who is a spy, Yor who is an assassin, and their lovable adoptive daughter Anya, an orphan with telepathic powers. The anime series is produced by the production company WIT STUDIO (aka “Studio of Hegemony”,  whose previous works include Attack on Titans S1~3, Ranking of Kings and many other famous animations), well known in the industry for their collaboration with CloverWorks, the production powerhouse behind the viral series My Dress-Up Darling (released January 2022). This latest series produced by the two is sure to captivate fans everywhere, and maybe even surpass the success of the original manga series.

“The Most Handsome” Girlfriend & Knight Villager + Bottom-Ranked Magus = Double the Fun + Non-stop Surprises
Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is the story of two lovebirds composed of Izumi-kun, a male high school student dogged by ill luck and misfortune, and Shikimori-san, a high school girl of the same grade as Izumi-kun! Shikimori-san constantly gives her all when it comes to love, and her persona changes from a cute and demure girl, to an absolutely charming & cool heartthrob when she’s exuding her girl power and protecting Izumi-kun from mishaps. Get ready to be entertained by their contrasting personalities and whimsical interactions in the dazzling new romance series of the season!

Skeleton Knight in Another World is the story of Arc the “Skeleton Knight” – A skeleton covered in armour. Arc is shocked when he finds himself in a world very much alike that of an MMORPG! Will he be mistaken as a monster and hunted down if his real appearance is exposed!? To avoid drawing attention to himself, Arc decides to serve as a mercenary living a quiet life… but he finds it hard to look away when he encounters injustice. An otherworld fantasy in which the Master Skeleton Knight “punishes evil for the good” is about to unfold!

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody: Varvatos, the mightiest “Demon Lord” in history, became lonely due to his overpowered strength and longed for an ordinary life. For this reason, he reincarnated into Ard Meteor, a humble villager in the world thousands of years later. However, the magical civilization and magic itself has deteriorated over time, which results in Ard having to enter magic school with his childhood sweetheart, Irina. Ard tries his best to hide his extraordinary powers in the academy but to no avail, and he experiences an endless stream of suitors who are in awe of his outstanding strength! To top it all off, the “Mazoku” or Demon Race that wants to plunge the world into terror have begun acting in the shadows – will the former “Demon King” be able to live the peaceful and ordinary life that he so desires?

The Dawn of the Witch: Saybil, a young magic school student, has lost his memory. With no hints or clues to his past or anything to fight for, he is left feeling the emptiness of school life and his grades are always at the bottom. Nevertheless, Albus the Mooncaller Witch, headmaster of Saybil’s magic school, orders Saybil to participate in a special internship filled with peril! So begins a journey of self-discovery, together with partners who have hidden their wounds, as they all try to find themselves together!

Must-Watch Top Romance Anime + Must-Follow Sequel to a Blockbuster Series = A Completely Fulfilling April
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic-: the top romance anime series is moving into its third season! The elite school Shuchiin Academy is composed of talent from all across the country, and student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice president Kaguya Shinomiya, are both geniuses who are too proud to confess their love to one another, simply because they believe that  whoever does so first would lose! “What can I do to get the other party confess?” In this battle of wits and love, the two characters strategize against each other, and in doing so, the relationship between the two is about to take a huge leap forward during the “Devoted Hearts Festival” – the highly anticipated scene from the original manga series which will be shown this season!

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