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Muse is here to provide professional services and value-add to your products and businesses. With long and extensive experience in anime licensing, distribution, and merchandising, we are proud to bring you an experience like no other. Muse aims to get the best results for you with our comprehensive strategy, complete service teams, and market insights, while expanding market channels and targeting the right audiences. Drop us a message today if you’re keen in exploring opportunities with us!


Visual / Image Licensing

Digital Media / Digital Publishing / Television Broadcast / Public Screening


IP Licensing

Household Goods / Electronics / Apparel & Accessories / Financial Commodities / Food / Dining Franchise Licensing


Events & Experience Licensing

Themed Pop-up Store / Malls / Sales Campaign Cooperation / Themed Exhibition Licensing / Themed Races


Game Licensing

Crossover & Placement / New Game Development


Licensing Flow


- Proposal Submission & Discussion

-Licensing Agreement, Approval & Execution

- Royalty Fees

-Provision of Visuals and Relevant Assets


- Product Design Sample

- Submission of Design for Review


- Physical Samples

- Submission of Production Samples for Review

- Approval and Commencement of Production

- Product Launch

Case Studies


Celebrate the rabbit year with joyous songs; keep firecrackers to the dragon year. Muse Communication will celebrate the Lunar New Year 2024 with premium delicate new anime and fans!

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