Junji Ito’s Horror House World Tour has finally landed in Korea!




Activity Information

Date : Jun 15 ~ Sep 08, 2024
Age Limit : available for ages 14 and up


Junji Ito’s “Junji Ito Horror House” World Tour, an immersive exhibit of horror by the world-renowned and horror master manga artist, is coming to Korea this summer.
Junji Ito is one of the most recognized names in horror manga today, and has mesmerized readers across Japan and around the world with his numerous works, from short stories to series, including Tomie, Uzmaki, Soichi’s Curse and Hanging Balloon In Korea, his works have been published as comic books, including the Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection and the Junji Ito Horror Manga Collection, and many of them have been adapted into live-action movies and anime. In particular, the Ito Junji Maniac series, which has had over 20 anime adaptations, was released on Netflix last year and continues to attract attention.
Ito Junji Horror House is an immersive experience exhibition based on his works that allows visitors to experience the thrill, horror, and bizarre imagination right in front of them, and will finally visit Korea on June 15, 2024, after traveling to Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia.
The exhibition consists of two experience zones and one original artwork zone.
The first zone is centered on the theme of Vengeance, immersing visitors in a world of immersive horror through five works by Junji Ito: “Long Hair in the Attic”” Library Vision” “The Tunnel,” “Tomie: Photo,” and “Unbearable Labyrinth. The second zone is themed around evil and features eerie horrors based on Junji Ito’s works, including “The Groaning Drain,” “Headless Statue,” “Soichi’s Beloved Pet,” “Hanging Balloons,” and “Bully”. These two zones are especially immersive, with live actors bringing the characters to life.
In the original artwork zone, you can see precious drawings of Junji Ito’s masterpiece “Uzumaki” and the drawings he made for the exhibition, as well as interviews with the artist, who talks candidly about the meaning of each work.
precious materials that have never been seen before, such as manuscripts drawn by Junji Ito himself, new works created for the exhibition, animation draft manuscripts, and life-like sculptures of his works, as well as interviews with the artist in which he talks about the meaning of each work.
You can also find special merchandise unique to Junji Ito Horror House. In addition to popular merchandise from Taiwan, there will be special merchandise made in Korea, including keychains, stickers, pouches, acrylic stands, magic mugs, nail stickers, nametags, and other items that reflect the world of Junji Ito’s work. There will also be a café with drinks and sweets reflecting the Ito Junji Horror House theme, as well as a selfie photo service.
Junji Ito Horror House is open to visitors aged 14 and older (junior high school students), and early bird tickets will be available on April 30 via Yes24 and Naver, and will be available at a discounted rate until June 14, one day before the exhibition opens.

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