OXGN Unveils New ‘Attack On Titan’ Streetwear Collection

Attack On Titan



Oxgn Vs New Attack On Titan 1
Oxgn Vs New Attack On Titan

We’re building our walls, and keeping our defenses up: Streetwear brand OXGN just launched the most awaited anime collaboration of the year, and it’s paying homage to the dynamic world filled with brave defenders and relentless titans. 

Co-created with the Attack On Titan team, OXGN’s newest collection features exclusive streetwear — each piece licensed and designed to crush that Casual Cosplay agenda, just in time for the show’s season finale early next year. 

Attack On Titan x OXGN will feature three collection drops in honor of the hit anime’s iconic three city fortresses. The first release is an introduction to the show’s heroes — incorporating their city fashion and soldier reflexes to OXGN’s signature streetwear style.  

Check out the looks and spot darker hues and bolder prints on a variety of tops, bottoms, and accessories to perfectly match that Attack On Titan vibe.

Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ T Shirt 2

Green means go — your signal to add all these Eren styles to your wardrobe. The Eren Unisex T-Shirt  (P529), coupled with the Eren Curved Cap (P399), can transform your daily OOTDs to the ultimate  Attack On Titan look.


Mikasa 1
Mikasa 2

How to be at the top of your Attack On Titan styling: Be Mikasa! This fierce scout is set to bring some strong contenders to your merch collection. The Mikasa Unisex T-Shirt (P529) and character Coin Purse  (P199) should be on the priority list of all kinds of Mikasa fans.


Levi 1
Levi 2

Get Levi’s action-packed apparel courtesy of the Levi Easy Fit Graphic T-Shirt (P529) and Levi Bucket  Hat (P499) duo, or keep it monotone with the Levi Urban Shorts (P799) and Levi Regular Fit T-Shirt  (P399) pair-up. Make him part of your styling core with some Attack On Titan x OXGN must-haves.

Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ Coat
Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ Coat
Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ All
Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’
Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ Hoody
Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ Hoody
Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ T Shirt
Oxgn ‘attack On Titan’ T Shirt

OXGN Corps

Introducing OXGN’s very own military-inspired merch.  Add a new Attack On Titan force to your wardrobe with  OXGN’s full line of accessories — waist packs, sling bags, and curved caps to enhance your collab gear and feel like you’re part of the Armed Forces of Eldia.

Follow OXGN on Facebook and Instagram and join a local Viber Community in your area for the latest on  Attack On Titan x OXGN.

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